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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

We got to spend the morning running in another of our local favorite spots, Red Rock Canyon Open Space. It is a reclaimed former rock quarry and, aside from having some of the best rock climbing areas in Colorado, also has some awesome trails for running and mountain biking. Once again it was "Chamber of Commerce" weather today and surprisingly light on trail traffic for a holiday weekend. From the Red Rock Rim trail you have fantastic views of the western half of the city, including the Garden of the Gods, seen in the distance in the photo above.
We have not run here before in the summer time, so today was the most green we have seen the park. We are usually struggling to get good photo contrast with the more desert plant life that is typical of this area, but today was actually quite photogenic. Steve is running along the Roundup trail on the upper rim of the park in the photo above.
Kathleen is showing off her new pink sleeves on the Contemplative Trail. She has had a tough time the last few rides and runs with a stubborn sunburn and the sleeves have been helping keep her arms protected (...and they are PINK, which is always a bonus!!!) We were able to put together a very nice 11 mile run today and enjoy one of our favorite spots in the process!
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