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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sights and Scenes

We put together a little photo documentary of what trail running exploits we have been up to for the past couple weeks.  We, as in Kathleen has been running enough lately that it has been a lot of US running together - I dig that!  It's Sunday night and I'm a bit tired, so words will be few and photos plenty :)

Garden of the Gods
Postcard day at the Garden... as always!
Looking down on the west side of the big rock formations -
Lots of runners will be on that road next week for the Garden 10 Miler
Peregrine Falcon on Dakota Trail - we rounded a corner and there he was right next to the trail - look at the size of that talon!  He was magnificent!
Happy Trails DUO
Cheyenne Mountain State Park
Trailhead with a Great View!
Yes, our feet occasionally touch pavement....
Already warm but we're smiling!
Coming down Blackmere Trail

Palmer Park
Edna Mae Bennett Nature Trail at Palmer Park
Palmer Point Trail with a view that makes it hard to concentrate
Kathleen climbing the front side of Palmer Point Trail
Cool rocks on the Templeton Trail
Kathleen rolling on the Greencrest Trail
Climbing Grandview with the foothills across the horizon
Cruising the Kinnickinnick Trail - say that 10 times fast!
 More fun on the K... Trail
Cacti are in bloom EVERYWHERE!

Red Rock Canyon/Section 16
Section 16 connector from RRC - just getting the climb going!
On the steeps now, climbing in earnest on the Intemann Trail - the shade on the steep climb
was nice, as it got hot early today!
The saddle before the high point of Section 16 - note the steep switchbacks
of High Drive cut into the far canyon wall.
Just about ready for a long descent!
Looking back up the entrance to Section 16 from High Drive
Bottom of High Drive - cars can only come down this side, no driving up
Back down into Red Rock - looking out across to Garden of the Gods
Roundup Trail runs out the bottom of the canyon
Top of Roundup, looking across to the hills of Section 16 and Intemann Trail

It has been a GOOD couple of weeks - Happy Trails!
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