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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cold morning run...again!

We're in a bit of a cold snap here, but we figure if we can at least get out for some shorter trail runs, it sure beats riding the trainer in front of a TV!!! We headed out early as the sun was just peeking out over the rim in Ute Valley Park. Here is Kathleen cresting the ridge with some sunlight starting to stream over the bluff. We needed some 'solar energy' to get us going. Ute Valley had seen enough sun during the week, even with our cold temps, that we did not have to wear screw shoes - bonus!
Steve starting to "warm" up after the first climb. It was really nice out this morning as the forecast was for a gray day with snow - which we got an hour after we finished. It was good to be forced to start early and get some nice sunshine. The trails are in really nice shape for this time of year and we are glad to be able to still get out for trail runs - road running is NOT for us!
Someone was in the Christmas Spirit and hiked all the way up to the ridge to decorate this tree - very cool.
You don't see me...you really don't see me!
That is what this doe was thinking as I was taking her picture from less than 10 feet. We had several spectators lurking in the trees as we descended from the rim into the valley of the park. We were just glad the bears aren't out right now and it was too light for the mountain lions and coyotes!!!
We did somewhat of a variation on the Ute Valley race course and knew we could not be out long in these temps. We have read a fair amount about limiting your outdoor exposure in the low temps - anyone out there having any input on that subject, feel free to let us know. Kathleen is almost to the top of the steep climb, getting ready for a little downhill reward!
Finishing strong on the climb - not much farther to run. We did about 6.5 miles of fine trail running. It was refreshing to be out enjoying the trails!
Who are these people???
We realized when we met with Tim on Thanksgiving that most people would never know what we looked like when not disguised behind hats and sunglasses. So we had a friend snap a photo of us after church tonight and thought we would post it on the blog. Happy Trails and hope all are well and ready for Christmas!
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