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Friday, December 26, 2008

Red Rock Canyon/Intemann Trail Combo

It was mid-30's (yahooo!), mostly gray skies and spitting some snow flakes when we headed over to Red Rock Canyon for a quick jaunt this morning.
To our great delight, the sun ended up gracing us with its presence for much of our run today. It is wonderful being able to wear shorts and a skirt the end of December!
We did a loop-de-loop through Red Rocks and caught the connector trail over to the Intemann Trail. There are virtually endless route possibilities in this area. I would guess an epic 50 mile loop would be quite easy to piece together - too bad our legs and lungs can't handle that type of exploration! That's ok - we'll just do it piece by piece, 10 miles here, 15 there and eventually sample it all.
Steve winding through the woods on Intemann. The sun was hiding at this point and the wind had whipped up pretty good making the temp feel a bit more brisk than when we started.
We never tire of our local scenery. We are SO lucky to live here! So much to see and sample so close to home.
Back in Red Rocks, heading down into a narrow little canyon.
The sun is back out, smiling on us!
The last little push out before a nice descent back to the truck and 10 fun miles in our legs. We both have this long Christmas weekend off from work and are loving it! We will be getting in some good outdoor exposure and fun quality family time. Good times!
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