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Monday, December 8, 2008

Manitou Incline Beat-down

I wanted a little change of pace today - something time efficient and challenging - the Incline fills the bill. Above, as I am driving, I am looking with great anticipation at the ribbon of steps up the mountain that will dish out today's beat-down. Steve thinks I am "sick" since I rather enjoy the Incline!
At the very bottom - the start. Why do photos make everything look flat? It's not. Believe me. A quick review - climb 2000 vertical in one mile. Here we go . . .
Looking back down - I am halfway up, in the middle of the steepest section. The red dirt of the Intenman Trail, which we were on last week, is faintly seen contouring the hillside in the distance. Today was not a stellar climb. I had high hopes at the beginning but when I hit the steep middle part, those high hopes were history. My legs felt like rubber, completely burnt. Not sure why. Oh well, it's winter and the off season, right???!!!
This is at the top and my legs were actually shaking from the effort. Just an off day - at least no one passed me! AND, I did remember to wear my very sweet, LONG, and PINK DeFeet Blaze socks. They are wool, warm, and comfy. I love these socks!!!

Intersection of connector trail to Barr Trail. Let the downhill begin!

I always love this view of Barr Trail with the fenceline. The Dirt Diva has her favorite tree - I have my favorite fence!!!

Here's the elevation profile from the Garmin.
Even though I had a bit of a slow day, it is ALWAYS FANTASTIC to be able to have the ability to run (or crawl!) and enjoy the wonderful gift of nature. I am thankful for and always want to savor each day given me. Happy trails to all this week . . .
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