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Sunday, January 18, 2009

58 Degrees in January ... Enough Said!

A quarter mile into the run at Garden of the Gods confirmed that we were NOT in the desert today! A week of above average temps, followed by near record highs the past two days, and our previously snow covered trails are "attempting" to dry out. Any areas with shade we had to be careful but the open areas were pretty dry today.
It was an absolutely beautiful day, almost warm in fact! Kathleen is cruising the Dakota trail while climbing into the park.
Stopped for a group photo on Buckskin Charlie trail. Special thanks to the kind rock that held the camera for us!
An awesome view of some of the park's famous rock formations frame the background as Kathleen runs along the Niobrara trail.
Pikes Peak looming large behind Steve as he runs along the Scotsman trail. The legs were a bit flat after yesterday's long run, so we cut off the run at about 7.5 miles. It was a spectacular weekend, though, with unimaginable weather for January and a great test for our winter fitness level. We both agreed that this is some of best fitness we have had in recent years in January - looking good for 2009!
While we were cooling down the legs, we posed for a photo with the Kissing Camels over our shoulder. Definitely Good Times!

Shoes - Montrail Odyssey for both.

On a side note, check out Sporthill's home page - if you watch the flash rotator on the home page, you will eventually see a photo of Kathleen running in Ute Valley Park and Steve running in Section 16 (of course, sporting our 3SP gear). Sweet!
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