If you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains, you’re lucky enough!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Early Morning Jaunt

We needed to hit the trail early this morning since Kathleen had to work, so we decided to go to our "home field", Ute Valley Park. It is pretty awesome to have a park of this quality 1 mile from the house and we get pretty spoiled by our vast trail selection in this area. The sun tried to poke out for a few minutes, but then a gray blanket of clouds pulled back over us and remained off and on again throughout the day.
Kathleen runs along the valley floor with a glint of sunshine highlighting Blodgett Peak in the background. Except for the scrub oaks, most everything in Ute Valley has become verdant over the past few weeks. This is a pleasant sight after our long, gray spring.
We saw quite a few trail users out early today as most were expecting the weather forecast of hot and sunny to pan out - duped again!!! 8.5 miles and home before 8:45 am - we are fortunate to have great trail running in close proximity for days like today.

Thought for the day:
I do not run to add days to my life; I run to add life to my days!
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