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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Head for the Hills

Kind of off-kilter on our vacation scheduling this year, but headed out last Sunday for a trip to the Aspen/Snowmass area of Colorado for a little down time (at least occupational down time).  After passing through the area for a couple days last summer, we had some trail aspirations over here that needed attention.  So we packed up and headed west!
Mt Princeton, part of the Collegiate Peaks 14ers
Mt Elbert, Colorado's highest point at 14,443' - pretty high...
Looking across Twin Lakes - Hope Pass is the "v" notch on left horizon, 
part of the Leadville Trail 100 course
Stop for a quick photo at Twin Lakes
Check your shorts - Narrow section of Independence Pass!
(Yes, it is one-lane, two-way traffic???!!!)
We had a monster run on tap for Monday, however, in the mountains you roll with the weather, not against it.  Woke up Monday morning and soon heard thunder rolling in from the mountain tops to the west.  Plan B time.  We waited until we thought the rain had lightened a bit and headed out on the Brush Creek bike path.  They have an awesome network of bike paths between Snowmass and Aspen.  Kathleen getting soaked above on the Brush Creek path along Snowmass Club's golf course.  Yes, that is paved, and no, do not get used to seeing us on that surface :-)
Sun breaking out on the Owl Creek path
The bike path is quite scenic, so we just rolled along, not really minding the wet conditions.  The sun broke through about half way through the run out on the Owl Creek path and we were treated to some nice blue sky on the trip back up to Snowmass Village.  Everything in Snowmass is on a slant, including the bike paths, so at our turn around, we knew we had some climb ahead.
Snowmass ski slopes off in the distance
Back up into the Village and drying out!
The gardens were all loving the rain followed by the brilliant sunshine.  We had to stop in front of one of the many flower gardens along the path.  Although we got soaked at the beginning, it was a nice shake out run and got our legs tuned up for a little higher altitude than our "normal" 6800 that our bodies are accustomed to.  This adventure to be continued.....

9 miles, 1300' elevation gain
Shoes - K Asics 2150 Trail
S - Asics Trabuco
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