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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weather Smorgasboard...and a new Tasty Treat

We had some typical Spring weather this week.  Some nice periods of sun, drastic temperature swings, rain, hail, and snow.  Everything you could ask for in one day....  Wednesday night, I headed into Ute Valley Park hoping to get 6 - 8 miles, however, rain then hail hit when I was at the bottom of the park and I had to quickly climb out of the instant quagmire created by rain and bentonite clay - SLIPPERY SLUDGE!  So I got 4 miles and was drenched/mud covered.  Oh well that is Spring.

Friday we had a big snowstorm.  Mostly thick, wet chunky stuff in the Springs, but huge accumulations north between Baptist Road and Castle Rock - we are hearing 16" on the race course at Greenland - OUCH!  Only 1 week out from race day.  Below are CDOT photos from around noon Saturday at County Line Rd - about the top of the Kipps Loop climb; and at Greenland exit - where the start of the race is.
April Showers?!?!
Up for a trail run?  Anyone? ....
FORTUNATELY, however, just 20 miles south we had cleared out from under the snowstorm and had this view of a dusted Blodgett Peak when we started out this morning.  It was chilly and SUPER windy, but we had dry trail to run on so we had to at least make an effort, right?  The unfortunate part was that we started with tail wind and had to finish all the way home into a 38 mph headwind.  9.5 miles was all we felt like mustering up.  On days like this, you pull off the reverse-negative-split ~ fast out, survival back in!!!  It was for sure a "character builder" run - whatever that nonsense means!!!  Hard effort, hoping to go a bit longer tomorrow but under better conditions, then see where the chips fall next week. 

Shoes - K Asics 2150 Trail
S - Brooks Ravenna
As with almost every run I do, I wore a Nathan hydration vest today.  I wore the HPL#008 which is a 50 oz., compact and lightweight vest.  I also have an HPL#020 which is a 70 oz. and can hold more "junk - aka, Kathleen's Sherpa" - I wear it on long and/or hot days.  I have occasionally been asked why I wear these - quite simply, I go through quite a bit of water for whatever physiological reason.  I always have, even on the bike.  Early on, I got accustomed to wearing Camelbaks on the mountain bike, so it has never been an issue to carry it over to trail running.  I also do not do well at all with handhelds - I have several and I don't like the balance issues and arm fatigue.  The Nathan sits so quietly on the back that it is a perfect fit for my tastes.  I will be wearing this for my race next week, and whenever you see it in the photos, you'll know "why" I always have one on! (and you know where I always have the camera to take cool trail running photos!!!)  If you have not ever tried one, I would give it a shot.
Now for a new tasty treat we recently stumbled across - Nutella spread.  Yummalicious pretty much wraps this one up.  Spread this hazlenut/cocoa concoction on a sourdough English muffin in the morning and look out!  We had always heard about Euro MTB racers that swore by this stuff for their morning kick start but never thought much of it.  Bonus points - it is gluten free, so Kathleen can indulge (just not on regular bread...).  So if by chance we hit some sort of spectacular PR next week, you might just wonder the next time you cruise by it in the aisle at the store ....
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