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Monday, June 9, 2008

I still LOVE my bikes!!!

Yesterday, Steve and I headed over to the Santa Fe Trail to do a short, mellow run but a "Rabbit" came up from behind and PASSED us while we stopped to tie a shoelace and alas, our mellow run turned to tempo to catch that darn Rabbit! It was good because we were kind of lolly gagging and the Rabbit was really pushing the pace - we had to work pretty hard to catch, pass, and then stay in front! It became evident that we need to utilize the relative "flatness" of Santa Fe for a little more tempo/speed work. It was fun to have some added incentive to push the pace! Our mellow/tempo run ended up about 7.25 miles. It was good!Today, I headed out on my road bike for 22 miles in our neighborhood. I LOVE my bikes, hence the picture of my beloved road bike, above. I had been having some abandonment issues regarding riding but once I mounted my lovely steed, she wooed me back with her crisp acceleration, speed and grace, and wind in my face!!! I love riding through our neighborhoods and checking out all the local gardens coming to life with color (finally!). It was funny, too, seeing all the deer merrily munching (mowing) away on the lovely, new, tender garden tidbits. It will continue to be funny as long as the nice little deer stay out of OUR flower garden.
Our flower garden is finally producing some color of its own (above). Because of our very dry climate, we have planted predominately xeric plants, which require very little water, and in our case, care! A garden requiring too much time would cut into our fun time of trail running and biking! Some of our favorite hardy plants include: Jupiters Beard, Russian Sage, Catmint, Cranesbill, Salvia, Hyssops, Artemesia, Yarrow, and Evening Primrose. It is enjoyable to watch the color of the various plants come to life and pop with their beautiful colors over the season.
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