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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2009 Race ... umm, "Event", Musings

Fuel for running ... almost brings tears to my eyes!!!

Nothing like a great stash of coffee to show up in the middle of winter to help with the blah's of the short, dark days. Since my dad loves good java as much as I do, I did a little stocking up - some for me, some to send off to NY. This is quite the dark coffee drinker's dream lineup: Beans from Rocky Mountain Roastery - Fraser, Colorado; Aroma Coffee - Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Steamboat Coffee Roasters, Steamboat Springs, Colorado (no web, but I know "the number" if you're itching for some!!!). Currently on deck is the Blacklightning from Aroma - dark and buttery smooth going down!

Well, 2008 was our first official, full-time trail running year. We had run winters between cycling seasons for 4 years and last spring we just kept going for some reason. It was a good year, although we took the mileage buildup slow as we want to be able to continue running. The running has agreed with us both as our health is very good this year. It was odd vacationing this year without transporting bicycles and all the gear that goes along with it. Trail running definitely lends to packing lightly!

So now we're looking at the 2009 calendar and musing about some "events" that could interest us. We'll try to avoid calling them races at this point. We already started 2009 off on the right foot by doing the Rescue Run on New Year's Day. While we have no aspirations of becoming ultramarathoners, we would like to attempt some trail half-marathon's and/or a couple of 25k trail runs. We already know we can run those distances, racing them is another story. But, that's what goals are for, right? It seems like the thing to do in Blogland! So here's our short list:

January 1 Rescue Run 10k, Colorado Springs, CO - Done and Fun - 700+ runners!

May 23
Sageburner 25k, Gunnison, CO - we've mountain biked these trails and they are AWESOME.

June 6 Turkey Track Trail 1/2 Marathon, Pagosa Springs, CO - never been there...but we like discovering NEW trails.

June 13 Joe Colton's Off Road Adventure 10 Mile, Rollinsville, CO - Our FIRST race we ever ran last year - 10 miler on dirt roads with awesome Continental Divide views!

July 5 Summer Roundup Trail Run 12k, Colorado Springs, CO - Another repeat and well worth it - great race put on by the folks that do the Pikes Peak Acent & Marathon.

July 12 Barr Trail Mountain Race 12+ Mile, Manitou Springs, CO - more Kathleen's list than Steve's - straight up Barr Trail to Barr Camp, then straight back down - but hey, it's in our backyard.

July 18 Devil Mountain Trail 1/2 Marathon, Pagosa Springs, CO - IF we do Turkey Track and like it, we might go back for this one - we'll see. BTMR might do us in for a couple weeks!!!

September 20 Lead King Loop 25k, Marble, CO - If we have legs left, this is supposed to be unbelievable scenery.

September 26 Golden Leaf Trail 1/2 Marathon, Aspen, CO - We've never run in Aspen but have ridden there in the fall - unreal scenic value and the Government Trail is supposed to be a Classic! Even before we knew we could run 13 miles, we had been eyeing this one.

October TBD Blue Sky Trail 1/2 Marathon, Fort Collins, CO - All trail and looks very interesting.

OF COURSE, we reserve the right to change our minds, run them all, run only one, or none, or probably find somewhere in between!!! :-) Part of the fun is the musing...

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