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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Some shelter from the wind - a Monday romp through Garden of the Gods

Well, our customary Spring-time winds have arrived in relentless force, which, for me (Kathleen), requires earplugs in order to sleep at night and a nice protected trail running route for shelter from the wind during the day.  Garden of the Gods, although not completely sheltered, does offer a little reprieve from the windy nastiness we've been experiencing as of late so that's where I headed.

I think I used up my allotment of "words" talking at work today so few words here but several pics from my romp through the park:

I love trail pics!

Smiling and savoring wonderful trail, sun, and 60 degrees.  Lovely day!

Not much "mojo" today - more like "slo-jo" but it was all good.  Ended up with 9 miles, beat the wind (mostly!), and had a great day!  Happy Trails to everyone this week!
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