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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Palmer Park trails

We had not been to Palmer Park since before the Fall time-change, so we decided to head out on the trails there today for our run. We had high winds today ahead of a huge cold front moving into Colorado and Palmer has some good areas to find shelter if it gets out of hand. We were treated to an awesome view of the mountains sprawling out along the western edge of the city from this vantage point atop the park - very nice!
Kathleen cruises along the Grandview trail as Pikes Peak surrenders it's summit to the pending change in weather - brrrrrrrr! It was great to get a sunny day when we know a drastic change was on the way. We were out to maximize the rays and get as much trail under foot today as possible.
Dropping off the rim into one of the park's valleys, this normally sandy trail is holding onto its snow and won't get much sun to change that for a while. The cold air radiating up from the snowpack brings a reminder that "warm" is relative at this time of year.
Climbing back up out of the valley floor, we had a great vantage point to look over the park's stables. Didn't see any horses out on the trails today, but there were a lot of bikes - everyone wanted their day in the sun before the cold hits tomorrow. Forecast is for a 30 to 35 degree plunge in the expected highs for tomorrow!
Gotta love the deep blue sky and sweet singletrack!
We have not ever ventured up on the Templeton trail, so today we decided to climb this rugged trail to the rim of the park.
The vistas are spectacular as the trail meanders around the flanks of massive rock cliffs, and tempts you to have a peek at the scenery spread out before you rather than the tricky footing right in front of you!
Kathleen navigates the twisting, rocky terrain while enjoying the splendid sunshine and azure skies!
The wind was really beginning to bite as we neared the end of our run and we were glad to be close to our day's finish.
One last stop for a group pose high on the rim of Templeton trail and then a steep drop in to the floor of the park and a short jaunt to the trailhead. We finished with a sweet 10 mile run and a smile glued to our faces to get such a great day in mid-December. Nothing better than Happy Trails!
Shoes S - Asics Gel Trabuco
K - Montrail Odyssey
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