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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just running along...

Planned ahead for the weekend and had a run scheduled with Tim up in Boulder.  It was a good week to run with him as he just placed 2nd at the Cool 50k+ last weekend (actually 34.2 miles), so he was still recovering which meant I could run with him without coughing out a lung ;-)  Watch for some stellar results from Tim this year - visit his blog to check out a pretty stout race schedule he has planned!  Kathleen had to work and had a planned weekend off from running, so it was a solo trip up north.  (If my math is right, Senor Long now owes us a trip or two south....)

So the plan was to run out on the northeast part of Boulder in the Teller Farms trail network, which is new for me and basically runs right out of Tim's doorstep.  Goal was to run 15 miles on rolling trails at a fairly controlled clip - sounds good!  After getting gear ready and checking for some early race reports form Moab Red Hot, it was off and running.  We hit the weather jackpot - upper 40's, sun, and NO WIND.  Sweet.
 Expansive mountain views...
 ...from just about every angle

We had a great run - chatting about everything under the sun.  (Then I found out Tim doesn't like to talk much while running - uh, oh!!!)  In the course of conversation, however, Kathleen and I officially signed up as crew for Tim's run at Leadville 100 - sounds like some fun in August awaits!!  At least for us - we'll be driving around, wearing down sweaters when it's freezing cold, eating real food, etc.  Oh, and NOT running 100 miles above 10,000 feet elevation :-)  We logged a very solid 15 miles and then headed over to an awesome neighborhood restaurant - Serranos.  An enormous Breakfast burrito was just the ticket after a good run!  Check them out if you are over near Boulder Reservoir and need some grub.  Good times!

Shoes - Pearl Izumi SyncroFuel XC

Follow Up Run

Headed over to Ute Valley Park this morning, not sure what to expect from the legs after a solid effort yesterday.  Since it is a relatively contained park, it is always easy to cut it short if you have no legs.  Pleasantly for me, after a little initial creakiness warmed over, I had pretty decent legs today.  While it was nice and sunny again, there was a crisp reminder in the air that a little bit o'winter is still in the neighborhood and a nice stout breeze to accompany that reminder!
 Freshies on the Peak
 Run the gauntlet
 Trail on Ice or under water - your choice!
 Who can resist singletrack and blue skies???
Mini-Iceberg blocks the trail

Had a great run again with 11 miles and enjoyed another splendid "winter" day.  It has been an off couple of weeks, with a lot of stuff going on - hoping to get back in the swing next week!  Happy Trails...

Shoes - Pearl Izumi SyncroFuel XC
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