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Monday, September 1, 2008

Leisure on Labor Day

After spending 33.5 hours inside a vehicle on our 'quick' trip to Iowa, it was nice to have a recovery day to run longer than we would be in a car!!! It was a beautiful Colorado day with some high, thin clouds - what better way to enjoy it than to hit the trails in Garden of the Gods. It was a light trail traffic day which is great for a holiday and we won't complain.
Kathleen is enjoying the red dirt on the Siamese Twins trail.
Nothing like Pikes Peak to form a backdrop for an awesome trail run. See the scar line cut in the trees above Steve's head? That is our local stairclimber - the Manitou Incline, site of a now-removed incline railway. There are 3000 steps cut into the mountainside that climb 2000' vertical in 1 mile! Watch for a post on that workout in the near future. A cooperative rock allowed for a group photography session!
Kathleen makes the turn from the Scotsman trail to Buckskin Charlie's.
The Niobrara trail with the Sleeping Giant and Cathedral Rock in the background.
The grassy 'meadow' was formerly a reservoir in the bottom of the park when there was much more water in Colorado Springs. It was a beautiful day, we have much to be thankful for as healthy trail lovers living in Colorado - Good Times!!!
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