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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Change of Pace

We hit the road today - on bikes, don't get your hopes up you roadie runners out there - to get in some miles while the Leadville 100 mountain bike race was taking place up in the thin air above 10,000 feet.  Congratulations to Levi Leipheimer, winning in a new course record time, and Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski finishing second and also dipping under the old CR.  The course record was not soft, either, as it was previously held by Lance Armstrong.  Imagine riding 100 miles, mostly above 10,000 feet elevation, in 6:16:38 ???  Next Saturday, they'll line up in Leadville again, only this time for the 100 mile running race.
Panorama looking over our "neck of the woods"

It was another beautiful day and absolutely perfect for a ride.  We started the day with cloudless azure skies and pleasant temps in the mid 70's.  We just stayed on the quiet roads around home and were hoping to get in 20 miles or so of relatively easy spinning.
Kathleen riding, with Blodgett Peak on the right
All done and ready for some grub....

We had a great ride - 24 miles with some good climbs.  After watching the live updates for the finish at Leadville and seeing the top 5 come in, we got cleaned up and headed out for some fuel replenishment.  We dropped in to Coquette Creperie in Manitou Springs, a great restaurant that serves a wide variety of gluten-free fare.  We had our server take a photo, however, it was a little dark and was vetoed by one half of HT for hair malfunction issues.... :-)  I had the South of the Border, which is a large crepe stuffed with eggs, chorizo, pico de gallo, jack cheese, and is served with home fries.  Kathleen had the Monte Cristo, which also starts with a large crepe stuffed with Black Forest ham, eggs, swiss cheese, and strawberry preserves, topped with powdered sugar and served with fruit.  A GREAT way to refuel!   All in all, a very nice day - Happy Trails (and road biking too!!!)
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