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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sad trip down memory lane...

I will admit we have had our fair share of bum health lately, but part of our lack of "Joie de vivre" the last couple months has been that we have been caring for our ailing miss Sage as she fought to survive with congestive heart failure.  We have been nervous about traveling or going too far to run or ride because we felt we could not burden our awesome pet sitting neighbor with the laborious task of multiple meds daily and Sage just not wanting to eat any more.  We knew when we left Santa Fe in May that we would not make another trip with her and it was very sad for us to come to that realization.  Miss Sage was ALWAYS happy, always a "silly heart" (for those who fondly remember Uncle Buck), and always had a photogenic smile.  We adopted Sage almost 11 years ago after she had been a champion show dog.  She couldn't be used for breeding because of a conformation flaw, and so we began our wonderful journey with her.  We had to teach her to be a "dog" and just have fun.  We're biased, of course, but we feel she ended up with a full and happy life following us on our journeys and outdoor adventures!

This morning we ran early before Kathleen went to work and upon our return, Sage greeted us at the door with her big smile and vigorously wagging stub tail, as always.  Two short hours later, I heard a thud upstairs and to my dismay, she was gone before I made it to her.  Those of you who are pet lovers know that we have been dreading for months the prospect that we would have make "that" decision - to put Sage to sleep.  Although we were blessed that she went quickly and without suffering, it did not ease the pain in our hearts.  Without ever having kids, our pets have always been our "children" and this was a great loss.  We bawled like babies while I made her final resting spot in the opposite corner of the yard from our little Barney that we lost 7 years ago.  If you don't want to be sad, check in tomorrow night and we'll probably have some photos from a memorial run to relive in our minds fond memories of our girl.  For now, we are in seclusion, watching live updates at Western States 100, and drowning our sorrows with Breyers Ice Cream, Nutella, espresso, and Dark Chocolate Reese's cups.
Palmer Lake Reservoirs
Palmer Lake Reservoirs
Monarch Lake - near Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park
Halfway up Blodgett Peak on "Lunch Rock"
Winter Park
Winter Park - Ice Hill Trail
Fraser, Colorado - Givelo Trail
In front of our garden - Monday this week
Drowning our sorrows...

A few Pics from the morning run at Ute Valley Park - 9 miles - just so we don't end on a bummer note...

Happy Trails -- tomorrow...
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