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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ute Valley in the morning

It was a fantastic morning for a trail run. Our mini-heatwave broke a little and we had 60 degrees with a cool breeze early this morning for our run. We were fortunate to run earlier, as we had a thick cloud cover by 11 am that did not break until later in the evening. We have always avoided Ute Valley during the heat of the day anyway as we have seen more rattle snakes there than anywhere else we have been. And because of the heavy traffic this park gets, the snakes are bold and belligerent, not a good combo when startling a venemous reptile! The trails here still have such a rustic charm to them, regardless of the fact that the park is surrounded by residential neighborhoods. It is wonderful to drop in to the valley floor and be surrounded by such pristine terrain that hides the sight - and sounds - of the bordering homes and streets.
Both of us started out feeling a little "off" but were able to burn-in to our run and really enjoy the trails. Being out in a natural surrounding can do wonders for invigorating both your mind and your spirit - that is the beauty of trail running.
On the top rim of the park, you must share your views with some of the local residents. It is worth it, though, to be less than a mile from trails of this quality. We are most fortunate in that regard! A quote for today - remember you cannot buy what you experience on the trails:

"To find something you can enjoy is far better than finding something you can possess." - Glen Holm
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