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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Six at Six O'Clock

The availability of time to get in good runs after work is starting to shrink some, so we have to get some evening runs in closer to the mountain - soon we'll need to stay east in order to have light in the evening. We headed to Garden of the Gods to take a chance with the dark clouds hanging over the foothills. It's amazing how different the colors and textures look under cloud cover.
Not long into our run, we noticed that we had "spectators" up on the hillside. Several of the rams were lying down as the 'Sentinel' kept watch on the trail below. We would not mind having some of their trail running skills!
The air was thick with humidity tonight and we were already pretty damp when it started to rain. It was not cold (unusual for here), so we kept at it until we saw our first lightning flashes off in the distance - time to get out of the open!!!
We made our way back to the park entrance, covering a nice 6 miles of beautiful trails - time to head home, put up our feet, and watch the lightning show. Another great day!
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