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Saturday, January 24, 2009

From Mundane to TOO MUCH Excitement!

We woke to fresh snow and 13 degree temps this morning and headed over early for a loop through Ute Valley Park. It was crisp and slick and we were decked out with screw shoes for firm footing on the ice. It was a pretty "normal" 6 mile run before Kathleen needed to head off to work.


A few minutes after she left, I picked up the phone to hear words that made my heart sink, "Honey, I need help, I just crashed my truck!" Talk about putting a lump in the back of your throat. Luckily, Kathleen was not hurt at all which is the only thing that matters. Cars can be replaced. This is a notorious bend in the road on a downhill that we have driven every day for the 15 years we've been at our house. Today was just one of those days with hardcore black ice and when she got sideways, it was all over. It was only 1/2 mile down from our house, so I ran (again) down there while on the cell phone with our insurance agent. I was stunned to see how hard she hit and then to realize she was not hurt - what a blessing!!! I took some pictures when I went back to meet the tow truck about 2 hours later. We are glad no one was in the passenger seat because it took a beating! The mail box post was cement filled steel, set into the sidewalk, and I think it saved her from rolling the vehicle - another blessing, even though it did a number on the truck! We were glad the truck took the impact as well as it did and kept my honey safe - that's all I cared about and I am SOOOOO thankful she's OK. We're just sad our trusty trail-finding friend may not be with us any longer on our adventures :-(

Happy Trails and hope we have Happy Pictures tomorrow from a good, long trail run!!!

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