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Monday, September 15, 2008

Santa Fe Trail and AFA Ride Day

What a difference one day can make! Yesterday was gray, cloudy, and cool. Today was a a perfect day for a ride on the mountain bike. Brilliant blue skies and "just right" temperatures - 65 to start, 72 at the end - greeted us. Becky and I headed over to the Santa Fe Trail for a more mellow, non-technical ride.
I love the scene above. It is along the trail on the AFA. It is gorgeous. I wish there was a trail that meandered down into this area!
We stopped for a "group photo" near the area on the AFA where the cadets do some of their glider training. There is another area near this spot where they practice parachuting - that is very interesting to watch. Note SNOW covered Pikes Peak way in the background. That is SO wrong! :-)
We detoured from Santa Fe Trail and headed up "the dirt road climb". It is a dirt road that is about 3 miles long (??? - haven't measured it exactly in awhile) and climbs steadily, gaining about 1100 feet in elevation. In past years, (when Steve and I were in excellent mountain bike shape - which is not now!!! :-) ) we utilized this road frequently for our hill training. No hard intensity today - we just put it in a small gear and spun our way up and just enjoyed the beautiful day!
Kathleen heading up the climb. It is a beautiful setting!
We took a detour and did some exploring on a couple of the dirt roads that split off from "the dirt road climb". This particular road leads to the AFA stables and continues beyond. This section was a nice discovery because it is kind of flatish and is in and out of the trees. I forgot to take a photo at the top - the views are expansive and awe inspiring. We were both marveling at the beauty that we are so blessed to be surrounded by!
Time to head back down! We ended the day with around 27 miles. I thankfully savored the beauty and blessings of today - perfect weather, a beautiful area to live and play in, good health so that I am able to get out to ride, run, and enjoy all our area has to offer, my wonderful friends like Becky, and an awesome hubby! Not much more to ask for! Happy Trails to all this week!
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