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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Perfect Fall Day

Bluebird skies and mid-60's start temps make for some premium trail running conditions and that is exactly what we had today. Although I hate to admit that summer is gone, fall days in Colorado are very hard to beat. After the drive-athon last weekend, we stayed close to home and decided to run Red Rock Canyon today, one of the staples of our trail run venues.
Kathleen cruises up the Red Rock Rim trail with southwestern Colorado Springs as a backdrop.
Part of the way through the run, we heard "Hey Kathleen" from up above. Our neighbor was "on belay" for her husband who was up the rock a ways. This is one of the best rock climbing areas in southern Colorado and the conditions were perfect. And yes ... that is the real color of the sky above them - Grade A Pure Colorado Bluebird skies!!!
We met a new friend out on the trail today - mr lizard was not wanting to share his warm rock with us!
Here is a view of the Red Rock Canyon Path as it winds away from the rock climbing area.
Steve descends from the climbing area along Red Rock Canyon Path.
Kathleen has a spring in her step as we near the finish of an awesome 10 mile trail run under near-perfect fall conditions. Early fall in the Rockies + Bluebird skies + great trails = Good Times!
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