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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo...

Is owning 4 pairs of trail running shoes considered obssessive for a 41 year-old, otherwise somewhat normal trail running male? I'm not sure but somewhere along the line I have picked up Kathleen's affection for footwear, at least as far as running goes. I wouldn't call it a fetish, I just like to have my options.

I went for a post work run at Palmer Park tonight and squeezed out 5 miles before dusk was upon me. The leaves crunching underfoot and crisp evening air remind me that fall is not going away, so I better enjoy the trails as much as possible. It was a great run for an evening after work and it is beginning to look like we might have to follow the suggestion of TZ and pick up some running worthy headlamps. I for one am not ready to give in to the seasonal mandate of indoor seclusion on the bike trainer (no treadmill in our home) - there are too many days in a Colorado winter where that is the only option, so why burn those up now?

... and by the way, I picked green tonight!

PS - Didn't want to leave out that Kathleen picked up 21 miles on the road bike Monday and got in a 5 mile trail run this morning before work. Happy Trails!!!

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