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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Blissful Running

Woohoo - we hit 40's today with sunshine.  There had been thoughts of making the road trip to Pueblo Reservoir for some dry, snow-free singletrack, especially since their forecast was for low 50's.  However, at the last minute we decided to stick close to home and give the Falcon Trail a try at the US Air Force Academy.  We were hoping for a long run, and if the trails were clear, this 13 mile loop would be a perfect fit.

Kathleen, about a mile and a half into the run - smile says it all!
On the north side of the loop, we had a perfect overlook on the cadet common area, with the Rampart Range stretched out behind.  Pretty limited access down in there since 9/11 changed the world, but it is a beautiful campus.
So we had about 60% snowpacked trail and 40% clear trail - not bad here, as the high mountain bike traffic assures that there is at least a center strip packed down on the trail.  The surface was very good for running today, with but a few very slick spots and a couple good sized ice flows.  Following the narrow way through the snow!
I never tire of seeing the awesome chapel at the Academy.  If you are lucky enough to stop by when they are allowing guests at the visitor center, you are still able to have a look inside - it is an architectural marvel of crafted aluminum panels and stained glass inserts.  If you are here visiting, check it out, then go for a run - bonus!
Ascending the steep switchbacks up from Interior Drive - Kathleen is grinding out the climb!
After dropping off the backside, we came to the creek crossing to find the foot plank completely embedded in ice!  You can see the outline of it just to Kathleen's right.  It was like a hockey rink - Zamboni-glazed ice!
Steve enjoying the trails on an awesome sunny day - hard to beat for a winter run!

Kathleen cruising through the trees, winding up with a strong finish to the run.  After these past couple cold spells, the 40's today felt almost like a summer day!  It was great to be out and have very runnable conditions on the trails.  Consistent running on uneven snow and ice is a bit draining mentally and physically, so it felt nice out there today.  13 miles, good sun exposure, and no screw shoes - sweeeeeeet!  Happy Trails!

Shoes - K Asics 2150 Trail
S - Nike Triax ESC
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