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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sun and Section 16

Yep, we are pretty sure we are related to Randy, from the greatest Christmas movie ever, "A Christmas Story" - at least related by how we feel in all of our layers of clothing we've dressed in when heading outdoors this week. I bet if we fell down, we would roll around helplessly, like him! LOL! :-)
We donned our Randy suits and headed over for a quick jaunt around Section 16. The windchill was hovering around 2 degrees - hey, the sun was out and it felt warmer than our Incline outing last weekend. It was all good. We are adapting, in that it didn't feel too bad, and are acquiring our "winter skin". It's all perspective. The 30's we are expecting around Christmas is going to feel wonderful - Yahoooooo!!!
In the photo above, we are on our way up and looking northeast. The rocks in the distance are Red Rock Canyon.
We had a lot of snowpack on the route. Here is one of the dry sections that gets some sun exposure.
We are close to the top and looking east across the canyon.
Another one of the dry sections.
Now the payoff for the hard work climbing up (1600 feet in 2 miles). Let the descent begin!
Steve at the bridge crossing the creek. The waterfall coming down through the big boulders on the right was frozen solid. This area is deep in the trees and is not getting much sun action during the day. It was brisk. The snow surface and traction in the more shaded areas was stellar, though. Because of minimal sun exposure, these shaded areas don't start to melt out during the day and then re-freeze at night, thus creating the glassy, icy surface. A definite traction bonus.
Heading down the canyon on High Drive. This is one of the few sunny areas along this portion of High Drive. It is a one-way dirt road through the canyon that is closed to cars during the winter. It is a beautiful area! We ended the day with just over an hour of trail running - as long as the temps continue to hover close to zero, we will have to be happy and satisfied with shorter outings. Regardless of the shorter run duration for us at this time of year, it is always so refreshing and invigorating to still be able to get outside and enjoy our ability to be able to run at all and savor the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Happy Trails and Christmas Blessings to all this week!
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