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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Santa's Little Helper (or the Postal Carrier...)

Headed out for a quick night run - with temps around 40, why pass it up?  Almost all of our neighborhood trails (wide dirt paths) are snow free, which is good in the dark!  The reflective piping on Kathleen's knickers played some tricks on the camera - or maybe it was the blazing speed ...???

Had to do a quick note on the new headlamp.  I took a tip from the Trail Zombie and picked up a Princeton Tec Corona headlamp.  I never notice it in daylight, but I have an annoying head bounce when I run.  This is bad with a spot beam as the bouncy light produces a strange sensation similar to being seasick - cool, eh?  So this blowtorch has 8 LED's and a bunch of combinations of light and power settings, all in more of a flood pattern ~ no bouncing, no nausea!  Needless to say, more is better so I don't mess with the lightweight stuff, but go straight for HIGH POWER.  Definitely recommended for those who run at night.  Anxious for spring, as I think you could easily run technical at night with this.
 Some neighborhood lights - their deer is fake...
... Ours were NOT!  These guys were slurping out of our bird feeder and did not even care that we came home from our run.  When I got the camera out, this doe came walking over thinking I was going to feed her right out of my hand!!!  I had to shut the door before she tried to walk in the house.  We must have naughty neighbors who are feeding the wildlife...
Lo and behold, Santa's Little Helper, aka the postal carrier, left a little surprise on the porch while we were out.  Now it seems some very, very dear friends from a bit east of here (say, maybe, Tulsa area...) were sneaky (and thoughtful) and sent us a beautiful Christmas wreath.  We will have to post a pic when we get it hung in just the right spot.  Spreading Christmas Cheer - Thank You - Friends like you are a blessing!

Also, playing on iTunes while I type - Mercy Me "The Christmas Sessions".  Check it out if you need some fresh Christmas music.  Happy Trails!
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