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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Santa Fe Trail Day

We were hoping for a dry spot to run today and we (sort of) found it. We got out to the Santa Fe trailhead not far from home to get in some mileage on another of our multi-use gravel trails that holds up to water OK. Santa Fe Trail is home to the American Discovery Trail Marathon, which will be run on Labor Day. We try to steer clear of Santa Fe all summer because we are required to utilize it more in the winter when our favorite trails, at times, are under snow and ice.

This is near the trailhead and is probably the least scenic part of our run. The running water is usually a dry creek bed, so the water is quite muddy after the rains. We have had 2.8" of rain since Thursday night, compared to only 6.7" previous to that since January 1! We'll certainly take it even if it puts a dent in our trail running time. So we ended up with a nice 10 mile run and as we walked our legs out back to the truck, it started raining - Perfect Timing!!! Good times and we are still very thankful to get out for our runs!!!

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