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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nice Run at Falcon Trail

After running early yesterday in the cold due to schedule, we decided to get in a long run today at the Falcon Trail. Weather forecast was for sunny and 64, but we were treated to cloudy and 49 - guess you can't always have great trails and weather on the same day. We were just glad it never rained because it certainly could have at any time.
Kathleen trying to get warmed up at the start of the run right behind Falcon Stadium. Aside from the back side climb where it got a little cool, it was surprisingly comfortable running today even though we still have our summer "skin".
Grinding up the climb on the back side of the loop. With 4 climbs and over 2000' elevation gain on the loop, the climb up the back side is the longest and most difficult.
You can see the water treatment facility for the Air Force Academy in the background as Steve continues the climb. The trails were in great shape after some more nice rain we had Thursday and Friday.
Cruising some sweet singletrack makes you forget about the clouds.
Climbing is finished ... time for some great downhill! The trails were pretty quiet today - must be that no one is ready for this kind of weather yet.
We had a great day today and accomplished one of our summer goals - we ran the loop sub-2 hours and topped our previous best time by almost 8 minutes! Happy Trails!
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