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Sunday, May 3, 2009

She's Back...

....sort of!

Kathleen did her first run in 3.5 weeks today - this has been an extra rough bout of bronchitis for her. After riding the trainer for 20 minute sessions the past 3 days without coughing up a lung, she decided to attempt an outdoor venture today and see what happened. She was able to run 3 miles and did not have any reactive airway issues following the run, so I think she is on the up swing now - woohoo!!!

So for the first 1.5 miles today, I actually had company on my run. After that I took off on the Flying W loop. It stayed pretty gray all day against the foothills by us, but the sun was breaking on and off to the east - lucky them. It was actually not bad though as the temp was 50ish and much better conditions than yesterday. My goal for the day was to get in another mid range run at a good effort level and not overcook the legs.
It was slim pickings on singletrack today after rain all day yesterday and overnight last night. Got to run the little spine out to the overlook above the school - the ridge above the houses is the west rim of Ute Valley Park.
Here I am at the base of that rim looking south. Ute was definitely off limits after the soaking we got - venture in there at the risk of sinking shin deep in bentonite clay and becoming a stalagmite protruding from the floor of the park!!!
The horses were relaxing at Flying W Ranch as I finished up the day and headed home. It was a nice run and I definitely stuck to the plan of going at a good pace but cutting back the distance a bit. Hope everyone had an opportunity to get out this weekend - Happy Trails!
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