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Monday, June 23, 2008

A smorgasboard post

Today is a "smorgasboard" post - a little bit of everything, and since I am posting today (K), I am doing the girlie thing - pink print! My friend Becky and I headed over to one of our favorite trails, Falcon Trail at the USAFA, on our mountain bikes. As we have posted before, Falcon is a great 13 mile trail loop.We access it via the Santa Fe Trail. The day was nice - sun mixed with a few clouds and very comfortable temps - mid to upper 70's.
Here, I am getting to splish splash through the little creek. The water is really low - we need some rain!
Falcon has a remote feel to it. Below, Becky cruises through the green foilage past a large rock face. We ended our fun ride with about 33.5 miles for the day.
Post ride, I did a few home projects. I enjoy knitting, and although normally a seasonal knitter (winter only), I got a wild hair over the weekend and whipped up a little felted wool purse and a felted wool case for our running camera. I put the finishing touches on those today. The camera case fits nicely in the shoulder pouch on Steve's Nathan pack and pads the camera to keep it from bouncing around.
After completing the knitting projects, several VERY RIPE bananas were begging to be put out of their misery. I obliged and turned them into a couple loaves of tasty banana bread. If you have ripe bananas that need to be used FAST, check out this very delicious recipe from Runner's World:

I saw a very simple bumper sticker while driving home from the trailhead today -
it had a picture of a very "happy" dog and said:
"Wag more, growl less."
I like it. Keep a smile.

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