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Monday, January 19, 2009

Early Morning USAFA Road Ride

My friend, D, and I headed out early this morning for a couple of laps on our road bikes at the USAFA. It was a gorgeous bluebird sky morning although we were a couple of crispy critters as it was quite cool at the start. I thought I had been a bit overly zealous wearing my knickers but after about 30 minutes, we warmed up to a comfortable state. We were having our doubts at the beginning, though!
It was great to be able to ride with D - it's been awhile. A few years back, there was a nice group of us girls who would meet on Mondays for mostly mountain bike rides, sometimes road rides (I am off on Mondays!!!) - there usually were about 3 to 5 of us, sometimes 7 or so. That ended a year or so back when everyone got their priorities messed up (except for Becky as she works mostly from home but was skiing with the fam today) and decided to GET JOBS or go BACK TO SCHOOL. Go figure. D was one of those "messed up" friends, LOL! So we had fun today!

D rode one+ lap with me and then had to hightail it off to a meeting at school. She is a track and cross country coach at one of the local high schools. The wind decided to whip itself into a frenzy halfway through my second lap. I have a strong dislike for riding in the wind and hate the feeling of getting blown around, which was happening on the west and northern side. But, ahhh, I made the turn onto Stadium Drive and oh how LOVELY are strong tailwinds! I can't remember riding down this flat to rolling stretch of road as fast as I did today, in a long time. The speed never fell below 26 mph and maxxed at 34mph. H-O-L-Y C-O-W. For me, on the flats, that is fast. I generally don't have the power to push the big gears on the flats but that big tailwind was sure a thing of beauty!
It pushed me the last 6 miles to my truck. I ended the day with 30 miles and a big smile on my face!

C invited me to join her and another friend later this afternoon for a ride as that was the only time they could go. I hate to ever pass up getting to ride or run with friends and fully intended on joining them as the legs felt pretty good in spite of the hilly terrain of the AFA. I figured why not go ahead and completely toast the legs with a 2nd hilly ride in our neighborhood? But alas, the SISSY GIRL that I am, bailed, as I just wasn't too motivated to endure the gusty winds! :-)

Another awesome weather day today - we hit the low 60's (too bad D and I missed those temps this morning!). It felt great to get out on the bike. My running muscles always feel more "balanced" after a good ride. Happy trails to all this week . . .

Shoes: Sidis
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