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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mid-Winter's Run at Greenland

We are in that bleak period of gray running weather where it is not so much a question of "Will I Run?" but more "Where can I run that is not icy skating-rink-of-season-ending-doom or ankle swallowing mud bog?"  With surprisingly warm temps the last few days and some single digit night temps, we are in constant flux between the two extremes.  One thing is for certain though, we were not missing out on a chance to run some trails with 50 degree warmth in January!!!

After deciding we did not feel like the hour drive to Pueblo Reservoir, we headed off to Greenland Open Space.  They have had more a lot more snow right there on the divide between Co Springs and Denver, but we were hoping for some decent running.  Getting ready to head out, looking south to Pikes Peak from the trailhead.
We started out running the Spruce Meadows Prairie Loop, hoping that the open areas would be dry.  While there were some dry spots, as in the photo above, we did a fair amount of prairie grass running today.  (By the way, if you are reading this, Sunshine Girl, that is Kathleen, in a SKIRT, in the middle of winter!! hehe!  No worries, though, we'll get paid back and have to don our eskimo suits before long.)
We started the run in full sun, but were racing the clouds all day as they rolled in over the Front Range.  This is looking north toward Larkspur.
More than half of the trail was in this state today - under water and snot-slick muddy!  So we ran a lot of lumpy grass on either side - good foot and ankle strengthening day!
When we finally got to the base of Spruce Mountain, we were greeted by quite a bit of snow in the trees.  So we made the frontside loop and decided to head over to Greenland and run a loop there.  No sense going up top, and then having to descend on ice with no traction control in place!!!
It was cool running through the forest on the north side of Spruce.
We did the bottom loop at Greenland and headed in from there - 14 miles on the day.  Felt longer with the lumpy-grass trekking but that's what trail running gives you some days.  Beats a treadmill!!!  Still had a nice view of the Peak, however, it would be socked in with clouds by the time we got home.  It was a great day and we truly can't beat getting these warm-up days mid-winter.  Some folks had big races this weekend - hope they went well and we're looking forward to your reports.  Happy Trails!

Shoes - K Asics 2150 Trail
S - La Sportiva Wildcat
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