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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Taking what they're giving!!

Weather, that is.  Forecast was for Cloudy with high winds today.  We woke up to bright sun (plus) but still high winds (we'll tolerate it - it IS November).  It would make it up to around 50ish while we were out, however with wind gusts recorded up to 48 mph, it never felt anywhere near that.  No worries - snow is not flying, so we're taking advantage of dry trails!!!  We've also been testing some new pocket cameras and geeking out over the pros/cons of various models.  We decided on a new Canon and are sad to semi-retire the little Nikon we've been toting around since we started this blog.  Hope you like the pics!!!
 Red Rock Rim trail

Headed over this morning to Red Rock Canyon, hoping to at least find occasional reprieve from the wind.  It proved to be an acceptable choice ~ climbing up canyon was headwind, but the descents were with tailwind which is always good.  Guess the wind scared off the crowds as it was surprisingly serene on the trails for a Sunday at this park.
 Kathleen tries out some newer cut of singletrack
 Steve farther down the new trail - we approve!
 Straight down the middle of Red Rock Canyon
 Kathleen crests the ridge on Codell trail

It was one of "those" days where we did not really have a plan outside of - trails, ambulatory movement along such trails, and enjoying the day.  The wind caused some early ebb in the motivation levels, to be quite honest.  I mean, let's be real here - who enjoys running (or riding, or walking etc.) in 48 mph wind gusts?  However, the flow of the trails combined with the strong sun eventually lured the mind into a nice groove and allowed the run to establish a good rhythm.   It is always a bonus to latch onto some good running vibe in the middle of a run you thought about cutting short early on - it sort of leaves you with a good taste post-run that builds an anticipation of workouts to come.
 Dropping down into Hogback Valley
 Looking down the Canyon Path to the duck pond - beautiful day!
 Top of the Canyon with some wind-blown do!
 Passed our own shadow along the way
Kathleen rolls out the Roundup trail - view from a couple switchbacks up.

We really ended up enjoying what we thought at first may be a truncated run.  We were able to squeeze in 11 miles and not get blown all the way to Kansas in the process!!  While the Jekyll and Hyde weather continues, we'll be happy for days like this where the bright sun chases out the frigid air early in the day.  If we could request those days to have no wind, we would ~ but hey, greed is not an attractive virtue.  So we'll take what we get and Run with it! 

11 Miles, 1600' climb
Shoes - K Asics Trabuco
S Pearl Izumi SyncroFuel XC

Heading west on Pikes Peak Ave. - with the namesake looming ahead!

Post-run, we headed over to Manitou Springs to get some grub at The Maté Factor.  They use organic fare, have great kettle chips, and can make sandwiches with gluten-free bread for Kathleen!  We enjoyed the Deli Rose (smoked turkey, tomato, spicy sauce, onions and Pepper Jack cheese - Yum!) and Kathleen had an iced Peach Maté.   Next up, we "had" to make a stop at Title Nine downtown, so I conveniently detoured to Starbucks while Kathleen browsed.  We had a great day.  Happy Trails and safe holiday travels to you!
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