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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nice Week

Celebrate The Time Change!
Tuesday night we headed over to Palmer Park after work for our annual first evening run after the time change - no worries about losing an hour, just great to have post-work light for running!  Bonus on top of that - it was high 50's and clear skies.  Palmer Park has not held the snow, either, so it was relatively mud free.  Shot from Grandview Trail overlooking the Palmer Park Stables.
It was awesome to stretch out the legs after work WITHOUT a headlamp strapped on!  We were able to roll up 7 miles of sweet trail running and squeeze every drop of daylight - nice sunset bonus!  It was also good to get dry trails as impending weather was on the horizon for the end of the week...

Shoes - K Asics 2150 Trail
S - LaSportiva Wildcat

Saturday...after the storm
Well, the weather prediction was accurate.  After spiking to 68 degrees Thursday early afternoon, we got hit with wet snow starting Friday morning that kept coming down all day.  Nothing like wetting down all our trails and then stacking snow on top!  We ended up with around 5" that stuck at the house, with varying amounts as usual about town.  Then it got COLD.  Saturday AM it was 5 with sub-zero windchill.  Kathleen had to work, so we opted to set up the trainers - BAD MOVE!!  After 20 mins, we said "forget this!" and the trainers are now neatly stored away for the season!  So once it "warmed" to the high 20's, I headed out solo for a run, trying for anything that was not ankle deep mud or continuously paved - good luck.  Nice thing about mountain UV, the snow was quickly dwindling by the afternoon.  Nice Peak sighting from 30th street...
... and from the multi-use path farther down 30th.
Good shot of Glen Eyrie, home of the Glen Eyrie Conference Center & Castle.
Castle at Glen Eyrie.
The "ladies" out for the all-you-can-eat buffet grazing!!!
I was able to squeeze in just over 9 miles on a cool spring day with blue skies and wonderful sun. 

Shoes - Brooks Ravenna

Sunny Sunday jaunt
Ditto on the weather for Sunday but much warmer - 50's, blue sky, sun - aaaaah!  We did a similar route to what I ran yesterday, just a bit longer.  Utilized the Flying W trail over to 30th, caught the path up to the top of Mesa Rd where we got this sweet picture of the Peak and the north end of Garden of the Gods.
Kathleen stretching out the legs.
Another angle on the Peak from Flying W Ranch road.  Took a little detour over from the trail to check out the start of the Hole In The Wall trails from the Colorado Springs Trails page.  It will be worth some investigating, just not today.  With fresh snow melted down into it, ankle deep mud was on tap!
Finished up and got a group photo at one of our neighborhood parks.  Almost all the snow melted - woo hoo!  We were able to get 11 miles in and start getting back to a nice routine after a few "off" weeks.  Got to get busy preparing for Greenland 25k in 5 weeks!

Shoes - Asics 2150 Trail
Leashed up the "hairy beast", aka Miss Sage, and walked over to our Starbucks for a little "recovery hydration".  It was so awesome out, we did not want to waste the sunshine!

Congratulations Tim!
Also wanted to give a quick shout out to our friend Tim on his win AND course record yesterday at the Diablo Trails Challenge 50k in Walnut Creek, CA - awesome job Tim!!!
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