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Monday, June 2, 2008

Road ride with Becky at the United States Air Force Academy

Today, Becky and I saddled up our road bikes and headed over to the United States Air Force Academy. It was a beautiful morning for a ride! I snapped the picture shown above looking over the sport fields, track, and cadet area. The pointy tipped Chapel is in the distance. The Academy is one of the best road rides in the area. The roads are clean, have very wide shoulders, the traffic is well controlled, and the scenery is fabulous!
Becky was kind enough to show ME how to use the timer on MY camera - it turned out to be a pretty setting for a picture! It looks like we are in the middle of nowhere high in the mountains when actually we are not far from the Cadet area and Visitor's Center. Interestingly enough, we saw predominantly more women riding today than men. I think we saw about a dozen other ladies riding and only three men. Weird. Anyway, we ended the day with two laps on the main loop, about 30 miles total. It was an enjoyable ride!
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