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Sunday, May 24, 2009

How Kathleen got her groove back ...

. . . . . well, I am trying to get my running groove back - this weekend has been a promising start! We are under a tropical weather pattern which equals lots of clouds and rain the past few days so Steve and I went in search of local trails that handle a fair amount of moisture without turning into a muddy shoe sucking quagmire. We made a list of trail areas that have an abundance of water friendly Pikes Peak granite and decided on the Cheyenne Canon area. As we drew near the Canon - sprinkles and low, dark foreboding clouds guarded the entrance - we noticed the sun peaking through the clouds a few miles south near Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Change of plans - CMSP here we come!
Ahhh, glorious sunshine and I am THRILLED to finally be back out on the trails! As you can see, I was in full-on celebration mode - celebratory pink head to toe!
Steve and I ran together for the first 5 miles or so and then split up. I stayed on the lower trails and he went up high. I've got some work to do to catch back up in terms of speed and endurance with Steve. The trail network here provided me the opportunity to do a shorter, easier loop while still giving Steve the chance to head up into the hills for his longer more strenuous run. It was all good!
This is a panorama looking across to Cheyenne Mt. from the Sundance Trail. The start of Sundance is visible contouring the hillside in the distance (click and look real close!). Everything is so beautifully green. The dark clouds in the distance are near Cheyenne Canon. The lightening was huge!

Steve enjoying his cruise along Sundance.

Not caring that I am a little slower than usual - cruising along Sundance.

A curious little lizard trying to catch a few rays.

A beautiful trail on a beautiful day. Dark, menacing clouds in the distance.

Finally, a "group photo" after a real run!

The rain cut loose soon after we hopped in the truck to head home. This scene is about ten minutes after leaving the park. Yikes! It was pouring!

It ended up being a great day to be out on the trails. Comfortably warm and we managed to chase down a bit of sunshine. Steve is running really well - I don't want to slow him down or have him wait for me so it's nice that we have many trail areas to choose from where he can go longer and harder and I can cut it a little shorter (for a only a few weeks, hopefully!). I am not near 100% yet but was pleasantly surprised at the run today and am confident to be nipping at his heels again before too long. After being sick for so long, it doesn't really matter. I was just relishing being able to be out with my wonderful husband and enjoying God's awesome Creation. Life in its simplest form is all good! Happy Trails this week!

Shoes: S - Asics Trabuco
K- Montrail Odyssey

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