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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aaaah, Sunshine!

No, not today though. It has snowed off and on for most of the day today, though not much is accumulating. Just gray, wet, and cold. However, this past weekend, we had some awesome fall Colorado weather and tonight was a perfect evening to look back...

Red Rock Canyon trails

We put some dirt under foot at Red Rock Canyon Saturday morning under brilliant blue sky and high 50's warming our bodies - especially after our spell of 20's last week!!! From high atop Lion Trail on the eastern rim, we had spectacular views of Garden of the Gods to the north.
Stopped on the trip down the canyon on the Red Rock Canyon path to watch climbers tackling what we believe is called the Whale Tail. It was perfect weather and the climbers were staking claim to their walls early!
Kathleen enjoying the sunny day as she cruises the Contemplative Trail.
There is still a bit of fall color holding out in the canyon. The view from high on the rim looking out to Section 16 and getting ready to drop in on the Roundup Trail.
How could you not smile - out on a run together under beautiful Colorado sunshine?!?!
Roundup dropping out onto Red Rock Canyon Trail - awesome day!
Ascending Red Rock's east ridge and preparing to drop down the long descent to the trailhead - gotta love downhill finishes, right? We were soaking up as much of the incredible day as we possibly could - as crazy as our weather gets, may not have a lot of these for a while! Got to put 10 miles of fantastic trail under foot on a splendid, bluebird day - sweet!

Shoes - K Nike Structure Triax ESC
S - Asics Trabuco

Hitting the trail - Falcon Style

Steve gathering rays on the Falcon Trail.

Sunday came through with the weather bonanza - Chinook winds over night had drawn warm air up against the mountains and temps soared into the upper 60's by the time we headed over to the Falcon Trail at the Air Force Academy. With the unpredictable mountain weather, you must capitalize on days like these!
Supreme day for running combined with awesome trails - Indian Summer rules!
Kathleen rounding a switchback above the visitor's center.
There was still some water in the stream on the back side - more than usual for this late in the year. It was warm enough to splash through, but wet shoes are no fun less than half way through a run!
Kathleen catching rays while cruising the ridge above the golf course.
Blodgett Peak bathing in brilliant sun! We did not want to finish our run on such a great day. We finished our run in mid 70's and were wishing we could hold on to the moment much longer than our legs desired! We finished a solid 13 mile run and had big, silly smiles on our faces. What a great day! Hope all are having a great week - Happy Trails!

Shoes K- Nike Structure Triax ESC
S - Nike Structure Triax ESC
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