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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Special Guest Appearance

We had the privilege to meet up with Coleen for a quick evening run at Garden of the Gods. We were also happy to meet her dad, Bob, a long time ultra runner, whose website we frequent - Colorado Springs Trails. Small world - turns out Kathleen knows one of his running buddies! Coleen is in Colorado doing a training block for Leadville 100.
Kathleen and Coleen on the Palmer Trail - we were getting rained on at this point but still having fun on the trails.
The girls running past the Siamese Twins arch.
After about 20 minutes of rain, the clouds moved out and we were able to finish the run in sunshine - sweet!
...Capped off by a nice rainbow.
Pikes Peak shrouded by clouds after the storm - it turned out to be a beautiful sunset. It was great to meet up with our favorite Kansas blogger and get in a nice run. It was also cool to meet Bob after reading his website so many times - and to top it off, he only lives a few miles from us! So we'll for sure be running into him more often now that we know who we're watching for. Good luck to Coleen as she prepares for Leadville 100 - we'll look forward to seeing you in August!
Happy Trails!
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