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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Well, we had another fabulous fall day here in the Rockies. Mild temps have been very welcome - the past couple of winters have been extra cold so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the mild weather continues. Another bonus for today: I (K) think I "escaped" getting really sick which I am totally thankful for. I am usually one, at this time of year, who doesn't just settle for a simple cold. Oh no, I usually go right into full-blown bronchitis. It has been my nemesis. So no bronchitis = good!
We headed to the south end of town to one of our favorite areas, Cheyenne Mountain State Park. Although the park consists mostly of non-technical trails with a few rocks and roots to keep it interesting, the scenery and the flow of the trails is very enjoyable. We are pretty easy to please - just give us a gorgeous day and the ability to "just get out" and we are happy!
Although mostly smooth, the park does have a few rocky sections to keep it interesting. We were shooting for 10 to 12 miles at a S.L.O.W. mellow pace (there are 20 miles of developed, marked trail in the park right now with more to come) since I was trying to make sure to escape getting bronchitis and Steve is coming back from his bout of pneumonia, we ended up with only 9 S.L.O.W. miles. Oh well. We were out and it was all good!
We saw more people out on the trails today than we ever have in this park but it was by no means crowded. Everyone was out savoring the sunny 63 degree day.
You can see the trail behind Steve, heading up into the trees. Did I mention it was a gorgeous, bluebird day?
Colorado Springs is in the background, above.
This is high in the trees on the Blackmer Trail.
This is the Rock Garden at the intersection of the Zook and Blackmer trails. Even though I wasn't able to do the trail race I had hoped to do today and we cut our run a little short, it still was a good time. Always. We try to count and appreciate our blessings every day, which are many - big and small - and the run today was one. We should both be back on track by next weekend and be able to get a longer run in. Happy trails to all this week . . .
Shoes: S - Brooks Cascadia 2
K - Asics Trailsensor 2
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