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Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Soaring" on the Falcon Trail

We were hoping to get in a good long run today, so we hopped on to the US Air Force Academy to run the Falcon Trail. We have hopefully pulled out of our little bit of winter lethargy we've been feeling for the past six weeks or so, and today would be a good litmus test to see if we have maintained our fitness well and can start building again.

We run by this cabin every time we are on the Falcon Trail but it is early on the run, so we have not stopped by in quite a while. I also just realized that I did not photograph the second side of the sign - oops! Guess you'll have to wait until next time to "see other side".
It was quite gray early in the run but we were still feeling good and running well. Kathleen is running through one of the sections of cushioned, pine-needle covered trail - aaaah! We saw some folks training their gaited horses on this section - maybe getting ready for an endurance event. There are quite a few horse events held at the Aacdemy.

Kathleen cruises down a nice rocky section of trail - watch your step!
As is common at many locations we go for our trail fix, there are a number of cool rock formations along the Falcon Trail. This particular passage is a tight squeeze on the bike but no problem on foot! And we saw a lot of bikes on trail today - the mountain bikers are emerging from hibernation as well!!

Ah, sunshine! Finally the sun broke out after about 7 miles on trail - awesome!
Enjoying the rays coming through the pines and soaking up the Vitamin D!!!
Finished and satisfied after a great 13 mile run on the Falcon Trail - our pastor has been teaching about living "AMAZED-TWENTYFOURSEVEN" and we definitely are feeling that today. We had a fantastic day and made good time on the trail - probably better than we would expect on the first of March! Now we need to build our base and increase our strength and speed a bit so we are ready for our next target "event" - the Sageburner 25K in Gunnison, Colorado on May 23. Should be a great event - we've ridden the trails at Hartman Rocks but never run them! We might try a quick jaunt over there one of these weekends to preview the course on foot. Hope everyone has a great week - Happy Trails!!!

Shoes - K Montrail Odyssey
S - Asics Gel Trabuco
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