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Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Baked in the Garden" Run!

First things first - I got to run yesterday!  Quite the good news after 2 weeks of not a single running step.  (Infected unmentionable part not healed, but getting there)  Our good friend Tim had another friend in from back East, who in turn had friends in the Springs that he wanted to visit.  So, being the good host that he is, Tim made the trip down and got in a run with us while his guest got to catch up with friends here.  We decided to hit the Garden of the Gods on limited time.  There was one catch for Mr Steve - two weeks off running AND - surprise - it was 85 degrees when we hit the trail.  Combine that with 14 days on antibiotics already and it was big time dehydration festival for me.  No pain, though, so I survived...
Bluebird skies bathing Pikes Peak!

So we hit the trails with hopes of getting in about 10 miles.  Tim had never been to GOG, so we figured on hitting the basic outer loop first - Dakota, Palmer, Siamese Twins, Cabin Creek, then over to Scotsman, Niobrara, and hit the front loops a second time.  Good Stuff.  We were making good pace until the Cabin Creek climb - then the sun got the best of me.  From that point, Tim and Kathleen had to wait at the top of each climb for me - like a newbie :-(  Oh well, at least I was on trails, upright, and running - at least mostly running.
It was an absolutely gorgeous day and the Garden has sprung to life - we went from a long, cold "spring" straight into heat zone this week.  Nothing like a long string of singletrack set against a stunning backdrop to get a trail runner's pulse going!
Tim running through an open meadow
Tim and Kathleen heading through the trees
Unfortunately, this was the only "shade" we had all day - a couple feet at a time.  Kathleen is all smiles leading through the Gamble Oaks on the front side trails.  Shortly after this pic, I dropped off to finish my run at 7.5 miles and I was baked.  Heat immersion training, I guess.  And what is up with no pictures of Steve, anyway?!?!  Conspiracy of the fast runners, I guess...  :-)
Different angle on Pikes Peak - awesome mountain!

Kathleen and Tim did the extra loops on the front and finished strong with 10 miles and 1450' of climb - lots of constant up and down in GOG.  It was fun touring Tim through on his first trip too.  It was a good visit and we got Tim back in time to catch his ride back to Boulder.  Definitely good times and Happy (to be back on) Trails!

Shoes - K Asics 2150 Trail
S - Asics Trabuco
(T - LaSportiva Wildcat !!)

Today, we got out to ~20 degree cooler temps - high 66.  I decided to not tempt fate and do a ride instead of running.  So Kathleen opted for a Brick - Run then ride.  I got to work on the road bikes, which have needed a little TLC while Kathleen did her run.  When she finished up, we took off on the bikes for some local loops where we would not have to deal with crazy holiday traffic.  We started off with our Flying W loop and on the big climb, found out quickly that Kathleen had my legs from yesterday - crap.  So she ended up cutting her ride to ~15 miles and I headed out through Rockrimmon for some extra mileage.  I altered my route when I popped out on old Woodmen road and saw a group of 10 or so "carrots" (a.k.a. - riders I wanted to catch) heading up into Pergerine.  So I did the big hill and passed all of them by the top - I buried my legs doing it though - gotta love male-ego-competitive-stupidity sometimes!!!  Ended up with 26 miles and 2600' climb - nice round numbers.  (Almost all of our west-side rides average about 1000' climb per 10 miles - interesting)  Interesting side note - my feet prefer 15mm of soft EVA foam under them rather than the 5mm solid thermoplastic sole in the "fine Italian love for your biking feet" Sidi's that we wore today.  Good day and hoping for a run again tomorrow....
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