If you’re lucky enough to be in the mountains, you’re lucky enough!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


We were surprised to wake up and see that our 1 - 3" forecast was actually 9 inches by 7:30 am and grew to a foot before tapering off to flurries the rest of the day. So a trail run was logistically not feasible and we decided to drag out the snowshoes and take off right from the front door.
We are lucky to have Pike National Forest access around 1/2 mile up the trail from our neighborhood. We rounded up Sage and headed out for some snow adventure. Sage absolutely loves to be out in the snow, and since we were not running, she was all for the trip!

My girls breakin' trail!
Steve and Sage taking a break before plowing ahead.
In the trees, near the top of the climb.
Trail just waiting to be broken!

The abominable snow beast! Sage likes to follow right on the tails of whoever is leading, and therefore, gets scoops of snow in her face. We had to continually wipe her face clean!
Almost back down.

We covered about 4 miles, mostly climbing out and descent all the way home - just the way to plan it! It was fun for a change to break out the snow gear and play in the fresh powder.
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