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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bluebird Day at Palmer Park

Sun and decent temps called us out for a longer run today. We headed over to Palmer Park to log some good quality trail miles. There are a lot of really neat rock formations at Palmer and this is the marker for one of the named rock areas. We cannot verify the age but can tell you they are cool formations!
Steve running down a steep little hill on Sentinel Point. There was a lot of trail traffic today with the sunny skies - especially after yesterday's weather. There were tons of bikes on trail today, certainly more than we have seen in quite a few runs. Everyone is getting cabin fever!
One of the things we enjoy about Palmer Park is that, while it is an urban park, there are many places in the park that appear to be remote and detached from civilization - perfect for peaceful trail runs!
Some of the trails on the north facing rims were still a bit covered in snow but there was no real mud to speak of. Kathleen is cruising along the Grandview Trail in this photo.
Next we were off to part of the Cheyenne Trail that we have not run before. We appeared to be the first foot tracks on this section, all the other traffic had been bikes. We funneled down through the canyon and out around the Palmer Point Trail. We were having a great run but both of us were feeling pretty tired - must just be that time of year.
By the time we hit the Kinnickinnick Trail and were in the home stretch, it was definitely feeling like nap time! Find a nice spot beside the trail in the sun and take a little sleep time - well, maybe not!
Kathleen finishing strong - what awesome trails we get to run! We are very fortunate to have so many great places to run so close to home. It was a very nice run today as we squeezed out a little over 11 miles. If we can keep that up during the blah months, we'll be running well by spring and have a great base of miles for the start of the warm season. Hope all is well with our fellow runners and Happy Trails this week!

Shoes - K Montrail Odyssey
S - Montrail Odyssey
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