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Monday, October 20, 2008

Manitou Incline Monday

I had really been hoping for a long, sunny mountain bike ride with Becky today but cool, gray, and misty conditions changed the plans. Instead, I headed over to the Manitou Incline, our local Stairmaster machine. Looking for quads of steel? Hit the Incline!

It has about 3000 railroad tie steps that ascend 2000 vertical feet in one mile. Read a little interesting info here: http://www.inclineclub.com/incline.htm

The picture above shows the steps going up, up and away into the fog!

It has probably been about 2 years since I have done the Incline, as Steve doesn't "enjoy" it like I do. I kind of had forgotten about it. It is the perfect quick and challenging workout on marginal weather days like today. I hope to use it more frequently this winter season!

In the picture above, I stopped to rest, er, I mean, stopped to snap a picture looking back down from whence I had climbed. I am in the middle of the steepest part at 68% grade! It is STEEP!
Here I am at the top! Yahoooo! Picture Rocky Balboa running up the steps and jumping around at the top with his arms raised - that's what I always picture when I reach the top. The Incline is behind me, in the photo. The Garmin didn't measure my time accurately - I think it shut off because I was going so slow! I will have to make some adjustments on the Garmin next time. The fastest I have ever climbed it was 32 or 34 minutes (?) - it has been a long time. I am guessing it was closer to 38 today.
Here, I am at the intersection of the connector trail and Barr Trail. It's all downhill from here! You get to descend the 2000 feet, you just climbed, in about 3 miles.
Barr Trail is very lovely although it requires some careful foot work at times. The surface is our local Pikes Peak granite, which can be compared to running on marbles. There is also a fair amount of imbedded rocks, ruts, and roots. Stay light on your feet!
Coming out of the trees, this is a nice view down into Manitou Springs.
Here, Barr Trail continues it's descent, contouring the mountainside. In spite of altering my riding plans, it ended up being a fun workout day. The Incline is just one more training option in our already full quiver of local trail options. I am so thankful for the great area we get to live and play in. Happy trails to all this week!
Shoes: Asics Trailsensor 1
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