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Monday, November 24, 2008

Fabulous fall mountain biking

Today was a glorious crisp, sunny, bluebird fall day! Becky and I headed out on our mountain bikes to the U.S. Air Force Academy to hit one of our favorite close-by trails, the Falcon Trail. Mondays are usually pretty quiet on the local trails but today we saw about 8 other mountain bikers, 6 of them women. Kinda wierd to see more ladies out riding than men.

The Falcon Trail is a 13 mile loop. It does have a rather remote feel to it most of the ride even though you are not far from civilization at any point.

We managed to eek out a 33 mile ride. Each week we wonder if it might be the last long mountain bike ride for awhile - so far so good - we'll keep hitting the trails as long as the weather permits. We generally can ride here along the Front Range all winter - we try to avoid muddy trails, snowpack, and ICE!!! I've had a few nasty falls on the bike on ice over the years where I was SURE I had broken a hip (but didn't, thankfully!) - those falls HURT A.L.O.T. so we try to avoid those conditions.

My post-ride recovery fuel involved a Non-fat Iced Mocha, extra chocolate!!! I am not a coffee drinker but Steve coaxed me into trying one on a more recent road trip (chocolate being the lure) and I AM HOOKED!!! He created an Iced Mocha Monster! Keeping our fingers crossed for more rideable winter Mondays . . . . . . Happy trails this week!
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