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Monday, November 24, 2008

Fabulous fall mountain biking

Today was a glorious crisp, sunny, bluebird fall day! Becky and I headed out on our mountain bikes to the U.S. Air Force Academy to hit one of our favorite close-by trails, the Falcon Trail. Mondays are usually pretty quiet on the local trails but today we saw about 8 other mountain bikers, 6 of them women. Kinda wierd to see more ladies out riding than men.

The Falcon Trail is a 13 mile loop. It does have a rather remote feel to it most of the ride even though you are not far from civilization at any point.

We managed to eek out a 33 mile ride. Each week we wonder if it might be the last long mountain bike ride for awhile - so far so good - we'll keep hitting the trails as long as the weather permits. We generally can ride here along the Front Range all winter - we try to avoid muddy trails, snowpack, and ICE!!! I've had a few nasty falls on the bike on ice over the years where I was SURE I had broken a hip (but didn't, thankfully!) - those falls HURT A.L.O.T. so we try to avoid those conditions.

My post-ride recovery fuel involved a Non-fat Iced Mocha, extra chocolate!!! I am not a coffee drinker but Steve coaxed me into trying one on a more recent road trip (chocolate being the lure) and I AM HOOKED!!! He created an Iced Mocha Monster! Keeping our fingers crossed for more rideable winter Mondays . . . . . . Happy trails this week!


Bob from BlogMYruns.com said...

He created an Iced Mocha Monster!
LOL but does look really good :-)

Great bike adventure!!! ... Happy Turkey Day!!

I am trying to figure out my 100's for 2009' and my friend Marshall Ulrich mentioned to me yesterday to come out and do Leadville 100...

Looks so awesome but ya know that little thingy called altitude can be an issue--lol finish rate is pretty low cause the cutoff is 30 hours for a tough course. So will have to bring my "A" game--haha

Anyways, I will keep you guys posted and maybe we can finally meet at an event if I do that one in August

HappyTrails said...

That would be cool ... might even know a local pacer or two :-) If the 100 makes you queasy at altitude, the Silver Rush 50 is a good course to test the elevation in Leadville.

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