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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Roundup Trail Run 12K

Well, today was the big day. We ran the Summer Roundup Trail Run 12K at Bear Creek Regional Park in Colorado Springs. Since we are newer to running, and definitely new to running races - only our second, we had a little nervous energy because of the high level of competition in our area. Just because we are newbies, does not mean we want to be humiliated - we have to make a decent showing, right? The day started with cloudy skies and humidity - unusual for Colorado - and the temp was low 70's at the start. There were a record 667 race finishers. This was race 2 of the Triple Crown of Running series and these folks put on a great event! It is amazing how fast a lot of these people can run. Interesting note, the women's overall winner was Samantha McGlone. For those who follow Ironman Triathlon, she finished second at the World Championships in Hawaii last year! You can see the stunned look of disbelief on Kathleen's face as she received the 1st place trophy for the women's 40-44 age group!! How awesome is that?
We both exceeded our expectations, and more important, we had a blast!!! We might just like this trail running thing after all...
They gave out the coolest trophies - a horseshoe with a brass plate on it. Quite a nice and unique race prize!
Since we are hooked, we might be looking to do the Spring Creek Memorial Trail Race in Steamboat Springs, Colorado later this month. We might get the opportunity to preview the course later this week. If we do, we'll post a report and some photos!
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