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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awesome day at the Garden!

 Kathleen soaking the sun on Dakota Trail

With fantastic sunshine and heinous 50+ mph wind gusts on Saturday, we decided to stay close to some shelter and get in some time on the trails at the Garden of the Gods.  I braved the wind (brave or stupid, not sure) and ran from home to the Garden and met Kathleen there.  With a general tailwind heading down, I knew the return trip could be sketchy...  It was, however, one of the better days for photos we have had in a while!
 Some of the local bighorns were out munching
 Nice textures in this view
 Looking down from the Palmer Trail
 Niobrara Trail with nice views over the shoulder

I didn't necessarily buy them for this kind of run, but what the heck - I ran in my new blinding-white Saucony Mirage shoes and they performed quite well on the trails considering they are a lightweight road trainer.  If I like them, I'll do some sort of review in the near future as they are a minimal heel-to-toe drop at only 4mm differential.  Nothing seemed weird and cushion was great, so we'll see...
 Everything is sunny except the Peak
 Blue skies and singletrack...
 ... and more singletrack!!
 Cannot run out of views at Garden of the Gods!!!
 (no caption needed...)
 Kathleen and Tammy...
 ...Cruising through the trees

We had a nice surprise when we ran into Tammy out on the trails.  Considering this is basically her (& her Hubby) "backyard" trails, it is weird that we have never run into them before now when running here.  She was out for her long run trail marathon prep, so she did a couple small loops with Kathleen and I peeled off toward home.   
Historic Blair Bridge on the way home

While the wind was everything I expected and more on the way home, it was manageable for the most part.  The gusts were the worst part - at times I was running in place when it was a headwind, and then there were moments of running sprint pace up hill with the tailwind.  It was a nice long run though, and the sunshine was awesome.  I ended up at 15 miles for the round trip with 2000' climbing.  Post soon to follow about today's run - another good one!!!

Shoes - K Saucony Xodus
S Saucony Mirage
I have been trying out some McDavid True Compression Recovery Pants after the last 5 runs I have done.  Our friend Tim is their flagship endurance athlete and has been quite emphatic about the recovery virtues of their product.  So far, I would have to say that wearing these for about an hour after the run is about the equivalent of a cold soak - minus the teeth chattering, shivering, and hours of hypothermia!   One of the things I have also noticed is that the tight keeps your muscles warm for an extended period post-run, which allows for multiple stretching sessions without the worry of over stretching cold muscles.  I definitely think they work well for recovery, and now I am going to pick up a pair of their True Compression leg sleeves to use during the run.  More to come on that... 
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