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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Good Tempo Run (and some reading material)

It started out cold this morning, but warmed nicely into the 40's by the time we were running.  We headed out for a tempo run on the Santa Fe Trail (postponed from yesterday), and judging by how the legs felt, the bike intervals tuned them up pretty well!  I wasn't sure what to expect, but the turnover felt really good out of the box and I settled in to a nice steady pace.  The section of Santa Fe Trail we normally use for these runs heads north from Woodmen Road onto the US Air Force Academy.  It is a gradual climb out, but somewhat "rolling up" with a couple hills out past the 4 mile mark.  So the inbound trip is generally "rolling descent" which makes for a good setup to negative split the return...usually.  Today was a challenge as I turned around at the 5 mile out mark, there was a pleasant headwind (sarcastic italics applied...).  Anyway, the run was good and there were lots of people out after the COLD yesterday (guess I should not have been gloating on the 67 degrees Thursday...).  Pushed pretty good on the out and then fought hard to negative split the return trip with the wind.  Ended up having my best pace for this 10 mile section at 7:21/mi.  Here are the splits:

Mile 1 ~ 7:39
Mile 2 ~ 7:13
Mile 3 ~ 7:33
Mile 4 ~ 7:32
Mile 5 ~ 7:49
Mile 6 ~ 7:28
Mile 7 ~ 7:16
Mile 8 ~ 7:10
Mile 9 ~ 7:05
Mile 10 ~ 6:56

Good day out there - sorry, no photo taking when trying not to cough out a lung ;-)  Will most likely try to continue these as much as possible over the winter as they have certainly ramped up the fitness and improved our overall running!  Kathleen had a decent day - not where she should or wants to be at just over an even 8 average but OK considering she is coming out of a serious funk cycle with the Graves - that roller coaster is getting old, but a post for another time will address those issues :)

Shoes - K Nike Lunarfly Trail
S Saucony Kinvara
I don't often throw out what is on the reading docket but, in the vein of improved overall health, this is the current read, (thanks to ultra runner, Matt Hart, for the recommendation): 

Now, this is potentially dangerous reading for me since my brother in law (and his dad and brother) are king sized wheat farmers.  Ouch.  I would certainly hate to be disowned by part of Kathleen's family.  However, there is some important background info you need to know, just so you don't think I am out on a limb.  Kathleen was having some intestinal distress about 18 months ago (which knowing what we know now may have been partially related to early onset of the Graves) and dietary experimentation ensued - starting with cutting many wheat and gluten products from the diet.   Needless to say, this affected my diet as well (voluntary, mind you) but not nearly to the extent of hers.  There have been several noticeable changes that have resulted from the "gluten-light" diet we adopted.  Aside from the improved intestinal tract health for Kathleen, something unexpected occurred for both of us.  When Kathleen's blood panel was done for Graves in February, her total cholesterol was down 60 points.  Since we have always considered her high-normal level as family linked, we initially thought this drop may have been a side effect of the disease.  But, when I had my annual physical done recently, my total was down 34 points.  Hmmm, head scratcher?  The other significant change for me is that I am carrying 7 to 9 pounds less on average, maintaining a weight I have not seen in over a decade yet gaining on my fitness and strength.  More head scratching...  Now, I am certainly not advocating that everyone drastically changes their diet - we had reasons for it that were our personal choice for experimentation.  However, if you decide to pick up this book and start reading Dr Davis' pages, don't blame me for what might happen.  The documentation he provides is staggering. You might just find yourself thinking about doing this:
Bye, bye wheat....


Last, but not least, more Christmas goods for you.  One of our old faves, David Crowder Band, has been performing this on their farewell tour - their rendition of Christmas Eve-Sarajevo (Carol of the Bells), ala TSO.  There is some talking at the start - music begins at 1:14 in - Enjoy:

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