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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Garden's Fall Showcase

  Fall color showing off at Garden of the Gods
  Glen Eyrie from far above
  Drop in to Rampart Range Road from upper right - to the left is downhill into Glen Eyrie
  Looking across Cedar Heights from RRR - majestic Pikes Peak looks grand as always
 Rampart Range Road with Mt. Rosa - some aspens still golden in the forest up there
 Labyrinth of trails in the Garden
 Sleeping Giant and Cathedral Rock
 Ute Trail
 Niobrara Trail above the old reservoir
 Side view of Cathedral Rock from Ute Trail
 Awesomeness on display
Parting shot...

Great fall run at the Garden - wanted to get the photos up for some fall colors.  A little over 15 miles and 2600' elevation gain.  Great day - photos tell that!

Double Delight - last rose of the season.  We brought it in to save it from the frost!!

Happy Trails!
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